Of all construction materials, wood is the only one that can be proven to have negative CO2 emissions in its life cycle analysis, thanks to the sequestration of this gas during the tree’s lifetime.

Among the processed wood products, cross-laminated timber stands out for its timeliness and versatility, due to its infinite number of applications in construction.

MADERABLE opts for the application of this technology in all its houses, for the construction of the supporting structure, regardless of whether it is exposed or not, a posteriori.


MADERABLE offers you the complete management of your future home.
From the architectural project specifically designed for your plot, we develop its materiality, defining even the most hidden angle with a single objective.

We process and manage the building permit so that you do not have to worry about anything. We will only call you to pay the tax and the corresponding fee to the City Hall. While the building permit is being processed, together we will define every detail of your MADERABLE house, because everything is important.

Once everything is verified and the license is obtained, we will build your house in record time, thanks to the maximum efficiency in the processes that we have implemented, with more than one hundred control points in its construction. Once the work is finished, we will give you the keys to your house so you can bring your clothes and belongings and enjoy your MADERABLE experience.


MADERABLE houses offer total thermal comfort, with no temperature variations between summer and winter, between day and night, even in any part of the house.

MADERABLE is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With Maderable you will be able to design a customized and ecological house with the same cost as the conventional ones, but that will save you much more in the future, since the energetic cost will be much lower.

MADERABLE is an architecture of comfort and health for everyone, accompanied by high energy efficiency.

MADERABLE is energy savings in your electricity and gas bills Energy savings of 85% in the energy demand of the house, consuming around 10-15 kw/m2 (85-120 kw/m2 for a conventional house) per year.

MADERABLE is free of humidity, odors and harmful particles.




Reflectance is a very easy argument to apply to the envelope on roofs and facades. It depends largely on color, ambient temperature and material roughness, so a smooth white surface will reflect practically all solar radiation, reducing energy consumption.


Solar protection is the strategy aimed at blocking solar radiation impacting the building, mainly in the summer season. It can mitigate up to 90% of the thermal gain of the house. There are multiple protection systems: fixed, mobile and adjustable, which allow total control of solar radiation.


The compactness of a building is the ratio between the volume enclosed by the building’s thermal envelope and the sum of the heat exchange surfaces of the external envelope. A very compact building will have less surface area in contact with the outside, thus demanding less energy.


A material or element with high thermal inertia can store a lot of heat over a long period of time. In the same way, it will later be able to give up that heat for another equally long period of time. The correct use of this physical phenomenon in a green home helps to reduce the need for heating.


In humid climates, where air velocity is vital to the well-being of the occupants, the provision of opposing openings in the house helps to reduce the need for heating. In humid climates, where air velocity is vital to the occupants well-being, the provision of opposing openings in the dwelling greatly increases this effect. Maderables houses have this effect in its functioning


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